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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Conquering Communities for Christ


Sounds from the Sanctuary
Media Ministry
     Our mission is to seek to conquer communities for Christ by taking the Word of God to the communities that lives may be transformed by the power of God.  One of the means by which we are accomplishing this mission is through our multi-media ministry, "Sounds from the Sanctuary."
      Audio and video aids are available at the close of each worship service. The following are a few of the sermon   series by Pastor Richardson that are available: 
The Miracles of the Master (10 part)
Focus On The Family (5 part)
The Power Of Prayer (7 part)
The Ten Commandments (10 part)
Journey Through The Wilderness (10 part)
The Journey To The Heart Of God (10 part)
Keeping The Worship Real (10 part)
The Superhero Family (4 part)
Blessed With Favor ( 5 part)
Heavenly Help For The Hurting Heart (8 part)
Hollywood: The Heavenly Edition (4 part)
Facing Your Fear Factor (6 part)
And many more!
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Principles for Praying the Passage

 By Pastor D. L. Richardson, PhD
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Principles for Presenting the Purity of the Passage

By Pastor D. L. Richardson, PhD
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 Basic Bread for the Believer
By Pastor D. L. Richardson, PhD

Today's Sermon: "First Class Worship"

Listen to the sermon by clicking on the link: clientimages/40494/1stclassworship.mp3
Audio and video messages are also available at:
Biblical articles by Dr. Richardson on Handling Homosexuality in God's House, The Role of Women in the Proclamtion Ministry,
     Biblical Pastorship, Steps To Seeking Your Spiritual Gift(s) and others may be read on "The Richardson Report" at


Recent Sermon Series: Sermonic Songs For The Soul

1. He Saw The Best In Me   2. God Favored Me     3. I Choose To Worship 4. There is a King in You

5. Bow Down and Worship You   6. Never Would Have Made It   7. Your Tears

Just Complete Series:  The Miracles of the Master (10 part series), Next Level Worship, Next Level Blessings (7 part series}

 Present Sermon Series: Dealing With Disturbing Dilemmas (7 part series)

- "It's Time for an Upgrade" - Click on the link below to hear sermon:

DVDs and CDs are available and can be purchased from the church office (501) 758-1525 or place your order on the web.