First Baptist Church
Friday, June 21, 2024
Conquering Communities for Christ






Mission Statement: 
We seek to Conquer Communities for Christ by taking the Word of God into the communities, that lives may be transformed by the power of God.

Ministries of First Baptist Church

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Administrative Ministries
Pastoral Ministry primary purpose is to serve as overseer of the church under Christ; share the Word of God through preaching and teaching; and support the membership through prayer, counsel, guidance, etc.
Deacon Ministry primary purpose is to provide assistance to the Pastor in ministering to the congregation ; provide aid to the membership by ministering to the congregation; provide awareness to the membership of the importance of ministry involvement; and provide association between the deacon ministry and membership.
Trustee Ministry primary purpose is to manage the finances, financial affairs, and properties of the church; and monitor the policies and procedures of the church as it relates to state and federal mandates.
Church Clerks primary purpose is to keep records of church and executive committee meetings, membership applications, and input membership information in computer.
Budget Committee primary purpose is to review ministry leaders' budgetary ministry requests; recommend to ministry leaders a proposed budget; report an annual budget for the year to be approved by the church; and review and monitor approved budget during the year and provide quarterly reports to ministry leaders at Executive Committee meeting.
Announcing Clerks primary purpose is to keep the membership aware of church and community activities through public announcements during the worship services.
Media Ministry consists of two components, audio and visual. The purpose is to enhance the spiritual maturity of the membership by making available sermons and songs for an after Sunday morning worship experience.  Media is available free to members who are shut-in to provide comfort and encouragement.
Public Relations Ministry  primary purpose is to inform the congregation and community by communicating church-wide special events in a positive and professional light through flyers, invitations, the internet, or other forms of media.
 Discipleship Ministries

King David Men’s Ministry strives to improve leadership at home by fulfilling the responsibilities of a loving father, husband, and spiritual leader for all members of the family; to improve leadership at the church by fulfilling the responsibilities as stewards of the Word and the progress of the church; and to improve leadership in the community by fulfilling the responsibilities as visible and working examples of Christianity.

Joshua Generation Young Adult Ministry strives to improve Christian servanthood at church and in the community by educating, equipping, empowering and engaging young adults to advance the kingdom agenda.

Esther Circle Women’s Ministry strives to improve Christian womanhood by educating the women in the church to fulfill the responsibilities of a loving sister, friend, wife, mother, and spiritual example for all members of the family; and to provide strong female leadership and support in the church, the home and the community.

Senior Adult Ministry functions on the principle that Christian values, service and spiritual needs do not stop with age. Senior adults are a vital part of our family! These saints of the Lord have given so much to our congregation through the years, and our desire is to minister to them in a special way. It is the goal of this ministry to continue to enhance the learning of God’s Word and provide fun fellowship outings.

Sunday School provides for weekly instruction in the Word of God. Instruction is provided for all age groups. The focus of instruction is to provide members with the necessary knowledge and insight to mature as Christians.

Membership Orientation Ministry provides for the smooth transition of new members into the church family. Classes of instruction are provided to new members to explain the scriptural principles that govern the church. Members completing Orientation Class are extended the Right Hand of Fellowship, which affords them the rights and privileges of membership in the First Baptist family by the pastor.

Learning Center is designed to educate, enlighten, and encourage our most precious resources through an after school program. We seek to pour a foundation for spiritual, mental, physical and intellectual growth through various experiences and encounters. It is our goal to provide a positive outlet for educational strengths and to capitalize on needed aspects for enhancement. The facility is equipped with a computer lab with internet service and a library.

Wednesday Night Bible Study is designed to minister to the needs of the congregation through the teaching of biblical principles that will bring about spiritual preparation for ministry and participation in ministry.

 Servant Ministries

Transportation Ministry provides and arranges transportation for members to/from various activities conducted by the church. This ministry supports the other programs at the church by providing members with a means by which they can access the services and the other ministries offered.

Security Ministry provides assistance in directing traffic and patrolling the parking lots during service hours. The mission of the Security Ministry is to ensure that church members have a safe and secure worship environment within and around the Church. 
Kitchen Ministry provides service in support of events held at our church. The Kitchen Ministry’s purpose is to guide, help with planning, and provide the physical assistance in the use of the kitchen facilities for the church. This ministry cooks, prepares, and serves food with the spirit of the Christian servant.

Welcome Ministry is designed to greet our members and visitors during all services and provide a friendly atmosphere for all who enter the doors of the Lord’s house. They provide a welcoming smile to members and visitors. They also serve as tour guides.

Usher Ministry serves as doorkeepers and welcomes visitors. Ushering is the art of making the members and the visitors feel comfortable an also lending spiritual dignity to the church service. Through promptness, courtesy, and tact, the usher assists the Pastor and promotes the worship experience. They share God's presence by a loving, caring spirit. They offer hospitality to all.

Health Ministry develops and provides education programs about health related issues, coordinates and provides information about accessibility of health care services offered in the community. The ministry also addresses the care needs of the church members, and strives to establish communication, interaction and collaboration of efforts with local health organizations and health advocacy groups. The ministry sponsors an annual Health Fair.

Recreation Ministry provides a program of physical activities for the membership in an effort to help produce a well-rounded individual and assist in the church’s overall program of ministry. The ministry provides activities for the membership through basketball, kickball, dodge ball, and volleyball teams. The Ministry also offers aerobics, and fitness exercising equipment.

Student Achievement Ministry is primarily intended to prompt, promote, persuade, and to provoke school-aged children and youth of our church from ages four to eighteen to excel, through their academics, actions, and attendance. During a designated Sunday Morning Worship experience time, all A, AB, B honor roll students are given special recognition for their scholarly achievements and showcased for their accomplishments.

Children/Youth Ministries

FAT Ministry, Teen Timothy and Teen Titus 2 Youth Ministries have the responsibility of providing biblical, educational, and fun programs and activities specifically geared to the children and youth of the church. These programs and activities are to ensure that every teen has the opportunity to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially. The goal is to equip our young people with the skills necessary to live a godly life and to evangelize to those they come in contact with daily.

Kidz Zone  is designed to provide a safe and enriching environment for kids ages 1-4 during Sunday morning worship.

Kidz Konnection (Children's Church)  is designed to allow youth ages 5-12 the opportunity to Connect with Christ as well as one another by experiencing  his Presence, Power, and Passion through Prayer, Praise, and the Proclamation of the Word with a group of their peers.

Wednesday Night Children & Teen Bible Study is designed to minister to the needs of children and youth from ages four to eighteen. All children meet in the Learning Center for homework assistance and tutoring activities. Teens meet in the Teen’s classroom. Our focus with the teens is on establishing a solid biblical foundation by providing studies that focus on character, values, and a student’s personal relationship with Christ.

Chillin’ With Christ Summer Program is a 6 week camp designed to stimulate participants intellectually, spiritually, academically, and physically by providing hours of lesson-based recreational activities. It provides a safe and secure environment for children while parents are working. Weekly field trips and other activities help to make the camp a huge success for the First Baptist Community. The camp is open to children ages six to sixteen.

 Worship Ministry

Proclamation Ministry consists of the preaching of the Word of God in an instructional, informational, inspirational, and inerrant manner to equip, encourage, empower, and evangelize the hearer.

Mass Choir is to minister God’s Holy Word through song and to prepare the congregation for the spoken Word. Psalm 100:2 states, “…come before His presence with singing.”

Praise Dancers consist of young female children who don’t mind praising him with the liturgical dance. Psalm 49:3 states, “Praise the Lord with dance…” Praise Dance glorifies, praises and lifts up the name of the Lord through synchronized movements, steps, music and song.

Praise Team consists of skilled singers who usher in the presence of the Lord so that He may dwell in the presence of His people. This group sings songs that cause you to stand up, clap your hands, pat your feet, and sing along; ultimately preparing you for worship. Our primary focus is music for worship, as well as the development of skilled singers who are called to exercise their gifts to "lead" worship through music.

 Outreach Ministries

Benevolence Ministry provides for the physical needs of members and the community. Its scope includes provisions for financial assistance, provisions for meeting food and clothing needs, and efforts to meet spiritual needs for our members and the community.

Evangelism Ministry reaches out to the unsaved by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, the evangelism ministry provides instruction in the various strategies of lifestyle and street evangelism. The goal of this ministry is to recruit, train and use Christians to lead others to Jesus Christ, utilizing a variety of methods and through distribution of Christian literature in the neighboring community.

Raven Ministry is a food outreach ministry designed to meet a physical need that we are instructed to make available as a body of believers. The food outreach ministry is a food basket service for the many needy in our community and church.

My Brother’s Keeper Ministry ensures every member of the church can be visited during times of hospitalization or confinement due to illness, injury or periods of grief and loss.  It is personal outreach to the sick, hurting, shut-in, needy in the hospital, nursing home, home and those who are slack in their church attendance. Our goal is to pray, encourage, and assist them.

Step Ministry is a children and youth mentoring ministry designed to reach out to those needy kids in the Eastgate Community to provide educational tutoring and basic biblical principles as friendships are developed.